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Maine Carpenters & Custom Builders

We are a small construction company with a team of experienced and responsive builders based out of an old-fashioned Yankee workshop in Bangor, Maine.

Our work can be seen along the rocky coast, in busy cities, the smallest of towns and in neighborhoods that look just like yours.

What We Do

We build houses of all sizes and renovate homes to your imagination. We’ve even been known to do some imaginin’ of our own.

We’ve built mudrooms and closets to handle and hide the biggest collections of winter boots, hats and coats.

We’ve taken the oldest of kitchens and renovated them into places people want to spend time in.

We’ve renovated bathroom floors, designed and tiled custom showers, and even gave in to Winston’s request for a custom dog washing station (he claimed it as a company write off.)

We’ve turned the messiest of basements into organized and presentable spaces. We’ve crafted built-in storage and shelving of all shapes and sizes to keep the books and games organized the and stuff you want hidden out of view.

We’ve crafted custom living room pieces worthy of the kids’ school pictures, the holiday decorations and the photos of those vacations you wished you took more of.

We’ve made the old look new, seen a smile or two, and even made a few homeowner dreams come true.

So….what can we do for you?

Give us a call, send us a text or email if you wish. We know how frustrating it can be to leave a message and not hear back from a contractor. So we don’t do that. However you wish to reach us, we’ll do our best to answer, reply or respond promptly.

Call or Text Us: (207) 944-5866
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