Have you ever left a message for a contractor and they didn’t call you back? Or perhaps they did and said they would do something…and then didn’t?

Well that sucks. We’re frustrated by that too.

So we don’t do that. If you reach out, we won’t leave you hanging. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll like the answer, at least you’ll know you’ll get one if you call, text or email our company.*

Phone or Text: (207) 944-5866


(*) Offer of prompt reply does not pertain to:

  • Scamming vehicle warranty calls
  • Political campaigns looking for money
  • Overseas IT companies looking to sell us services
  • Nigerian princes looking to put money into an American account
  • Social security, fraud detection or credit card selling schemes
  • Anyone wanting to put a guest post on our non-existent blog or sell us SEO services
  • Jared Schmidt (you know why)